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Rubia Pouch
Rubia Pouch

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The Rubia pouch is hand embroidered by Afghan women using traditional patterns, plant dyes, and natural fibers. Poppy flowers mixed with other designs are a common theme seen in the hand work which provides gainful employment in a legitimate business to help rebuild their local economy. Rubia is a non-profit organizations whose mission is to develop opportunities and to promote the well-being of Afghan women and their families. All proceeds from the purchase of this product support Rubia's work in Afghanistan.

Products with the icon "handmade" are just that - made by hand rather than by mass production, typically by one individual. While small tools might be used, the absence of large machinery keeps the product's carbon footprint low. Handmade products foster personal creativity and provide opportunity for uniqueness.Products with the icon "low/no packaging" are minimally packaged with protective coverings that have been reused, can be composted, or are completely recyclable. Low packaging is sometimes more desirable for containment (tea), for cleanliness (a baby's teether), or for holding parts together (a set of sheets). Since packaging almost always contributes a negative environmental impact, shoppers should consider products having the least amount of packaging. Better yet, choose products with absolutely no packaging (like naked bars of soap). Products with the "low/no packaging" icon may be free of any containment or protection; however, they may come with a tag. Considering low or no packaging for waste reduction is the hallmark of "reducing", the first of the 3 R's.Products with the icon "socially responsible" are produced by groups or companies who strive to implement fair labor practices that provide workers an opportunity to earn a living wage, a safe and healthy working environment, and reasonable work hours while prohibiting child and slave labor. Many industrious small groups and cooperatives manage their own affairs and produce quality products, often for export. These groups are sometimes too small or can not afford the expense of fair trade certifications, but may still uphold many of the same socially responsible standards. Large companies may use SA8000 standards or their own equivalent socially responsible policies to support their workers' labor conditions. This icon is used for products manufactured outside of the USA.Products with the icon "pesticide-free" have plant-based ingredients that are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides. A sticky fly trap is an example of a pesticide-free pest control product, where no pesticides are put into the environment during production or use. While products like this lack organic certification, they are still known to be pesticide-free.Products with the icon "recycled/reclaimed" are comprised of materials that have been removed from the waste stream and reconstructed into other useful products. These can be various percentages of recycled or reclaimed materials and may be a mix of pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. This Bona Fide icon describes a product with a recycled or reclaimed content of 50% or greater. Recycled materials are typically processed using waste products with varying degrees of intensity and environmental impact. Reclaimed materials use waste products typically as is (with minimal or no processing). Overall, recycled products reduce energy and conserve water because virgin or raw materials have been wholly or partially substituted during the processing phase.

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