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Solar LED Lantern, K-Light
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Solar LED Lantern, K-Light

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The K-Light solar powered lantern is designed to withstand harsh conditions and provides reliable light using LEDs. This compact lantern is portable, lightweight, rugged, and water resistant. A solar panel is included that recharges the battery providing energy for 16 ultra-bright white LEDs. A K-Light Phone Charger (sold separately) is fully compatible with this solar lantern device and works great. The top section of the lantern is removable allowing it to function as a flashlight, and the stand can be tilted into 12 positions for proper light dispersal. A sturdy free-swinging handle makes it easy to grip and carry the lantern, and an easy to use high/low switch allows you to select light intensity. The solar panel and connecting cord transfer the sun's energy into the lantern where the rechargeable battery is contained. This rugged solar lantern can last a lifetime while being useful for outdoor activities like camping or and for emergency situations at home.

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